Kite Aerial Photograpy (KAP) Mapping at Al Baleed Archaeological Park, Salalah, Oman

Before taking the KAP photos targets were placed on the ground. An RTK-GPS was used to set the targets at a predetirmed interval and to record the target coordinates. Images taken at approximatly the same altitude, oreintation, and with the required overlap are selected for processing. The selected images are then corrected to remove camera distortion, and targets common to both photograps are marked and referenced. 

The images are then processed to determine the camera locations and generate a 3D point cloud.

Next a mesh is generated from the point cloud.

With the known camera parameters, positions, and rotations the corrected photographs are projected onto the mesh surface.

Finally we can generate a TrueOrtho photo with the effects of camera and terrain distortion removed.

KAP rig.