Tell el-Hesi Photogrammetry

Tell el-Hesi is a major archaeological site located on the south bank of Wadi el-Hesi (Nahal Shiqma), Israel. This site was excavated from 1890-1892 and from 1970-1983

Topographic map of Tell el-Hesi created from Dense Surface Model (DSM).

Khirbat Summeily Archaeological Excavations

At the end of each day targets were placed in the excavations and recorded with an RTK GNSS. The excavation blocks were then photographed with a camera mounted on a pole, Pole Aerial Photography (PAP). The photos, along with the target coordinates, were processed with photogrammetry software to produce daily orthographic image top plans. The following day the top plans were used in the field by students to assist in taking notes and for annotating.

Summeily excavation block index end of season 2014.

Interactive map of Hesi Survey Quad