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 Past human activity from at least the Bronze Age has created a number of outstanding research problems which have not been solved to date. These include such topics as the mysterious megalithic structures of Southern Arabia, the myriad of trilith rows, and the appearance of the distinctive modern populations of Southern Arabia separate from the Arabic majority:


Beginning in the mid nineteenth century linguists have identified a distinctive population group living in Central South Arabia. Currently they are divided into 5 distinctive subgroups. To what extent they are to be associated with the famous incense producing lands of the Iron Age remains to be resolved.

Ring of Naharit

The megalithic Bronze Age of Southern Arabia includes such interesting phenomena as stone rings/alignments/rows as well as statue menhirs. Were these people closely allied to the megalithic peoples of the Southern Red Sea, Northern Arabia, and even the Mediterranean.


Mysterious rows of stones dot the Arabian countryside, often associated with tumuli. A specific subset of such rows found in Southern Arabia have been dubbed triliths. Dated to the Iron Age, their function has long been debated.