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Modeling the Mahram Bilquis
Marib, Yemen

The site was mapped using a total station and RTK-GPS.
total station rtk rover
total station RTK-GPS rover
The survey data was then downloaded into AutoCAD with the SurvCADD module and a Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) was generated with the Quicksurf module.
TIN in AutoCAD
TIN in AutoCAD
PhotoModeler was used to solve the focal length and camera locations for site photos taken from a helicopter.
photos with control points in photomodeler
Photos with control points in PhotoModeler
solved camera locations in photomodeler
Solved camera locations in PhotoModeler
With the focal length and camera locations solved the photos could be used to accurately texture the TIN.
model with textures in 3ds max
TIN with textures in 3ds max

Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) and Dense Surface Modeling (DSM).
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